The focus of this division is to support to businesses in matters relating to organisation, development and integrated Quality Systems designed to:

  • Improve company organisation and increase productivity.
  • Adapt and certify company organisation and specifications to international standards.
  • Create an infrastructure to support continual improvement and better control of company operations.

The scope of this division includes:

Management systems (quality, environment, security)

  1. Development of ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Systems.
  2. Development of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Systems (HACCP), and harmonisation with Directive 93/43/EEC on the hygiene of foodstuffs (standards: ELOT 1416, AGRO 1.1,1.2).
  3. Development of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems and Ecological Management and Auditing Systems (EMAS).
  4. Development of workplace health and Safety Management Systems (standards: ELOT 1801, BS 8800, OHSAS 18001). Industrial risk assessment according to presidential decree17/96.
  5. Laboratory certification (standard: ISO 17025).
  6. Review, evaluation and improvement of management systems.
  7. CE mark, product technical files.
  8. Development of integrated management systems (AGRO 2.1, 2.2).
  9. Certification of agricultural products.

Business organisation

10.  Optimisation of information, materials, works.

11.  Employee productivity monitor systems.

12.   Costing and cost control.

13.   Organisation of production (spatial, phasal, jobs, planning).

14.   Analysis for the development or configuration of management and production computer applications (ERP, MRP, CRM, etc.).

15.   Business process reengineering (BPR).