The focus of this division is the optimum utilisation of the existing human resources and equipment to secure efficient management of information in the form and manner best suited to each company activity and management level.

The scope of this division includes:

  1. Analysis and imaging of the company’s information requirements and malfunctions. This involves:
  • § Analysis of information by source and receiver in terms of volume, quality, identity and means of transmission.
  • § Analysis of procedures used for exchanges of information (e.g. approvals, maximum-minimum waiting times, security, etc.).
  • § Number and quality of media (software systems) used in the organisation and transmission of information (sufficiency, overlaps, productivity, extensibility, reliability).
  1. Support in the choice, preparation and planning for the installation of ERP systems, to ensure rational and optimum utilisation.
  2. Development, installation and support of specialised software for business organisation.