The organisational framework (organisational structure, procedures, information system), on the basis of which resources (human and material ) will be managed and co-ordinated.

The company,

  • plans its goals (corporate orientation and desired results), the actions and the resources that will be required for their achievement.
  • assigns to individuals the duties of administration and implementation (creates job descriptions with responsibilities and competences and requiring direction).
  • controls the realisation of targets (with qualitative and quantitative indicators) and the performance of the system and the middle managers.

The realisation of an efficient management system requires business planning, organisation and an information system.

Basic elements of a company information system

  • Where information is given
  • Where data is entered
  • How data is processed
  • How decisions are made
  • How and to whom decisions are relayed
  • How business plans are designed and implemented
  • How the implementation is controlled
  • How management is kept informed
  • Reviewing the targets results