The focus of this division is the methodical, planned and controlled operation and development of the enterprise.

The approach to achieving the above objective is:

  • designing the operational system
  • establishing measurable targets
  • evaluating the company’s results and progress

Ergogroup policy is centered on proper and reliable management support:

  • § In the drafting and implementation of its business plan
  • § In governing the company.

The scope of this division includes:

1. Drawing up and monitoring Business Plans, for optimum co-ordination and management of all available resources. This requires a process of analysis, strategy development, action planning, budget drafting and determining methods and indicators for assessing target achievement.

2. Corporate partnerships:

  • § via mergers, buy-outs, acquisitions, strategic alliances
  • § with the development of business relations between companies in sectors like sales, purchasing, dealerships, sub-contracting.

3. Market research (in Hellas and abroad).

4. Development of sales local and abroad.

5. Management support in areas like:

  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Corporate governance (rational and effective management)